Here, you’ll find some more detail about my areas of expertise. If you’d like to check out my portfolio, or discuss a collaboration, please click below.

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Building brand personas, and ideating creative storytelling strategies that engage, entertain + convert your target audience. I have created brand personas for a range of clients, most recently a James Beard Award-Winning Restaurant Group. I specialize in driving ROI through authentic storytelling techniques for all of my clients.


Social marketing + growth hacking

Social media strategy, content creation + curation, and channel growth for brands and individuals. Now more than ever, it is essential to develop authentic storytelling and content curation strategies to reach and engage your audience. I have grown engaged Instagram audiences into the hundreds of thousands, for brands like Beats by Dre, Marriott International, Ann Taylor, and more.


storytelling Masterclasses + Training

Personalized Masterclasses & Creative Labs for your team. I work with Storified Brands to inspire teams to think differently through one-day Masterclasses and workshops. We help transform marketers and salespeople into storytellers, and leave attendees with new premium story-driven techniques that can up-level their careers and change marketing from a cost center to a revenue center.


Influencers + Partnerships

Influencer/creator and partner identification + program management. Personalized trainings designed to build influence for both brands+ individuals. I partner with clients for custom creator programs, focusing on up-and-coming creators with highly engaged audiences. I also integrate influencer techniques and tips into larger client relationships.


Digital + Data-Driven marketing

Owned, earned + paid digital channel strategy, website development, sales funnel creation, audience + list building, media planning + optimization, campaign analysis + measurement. I partner with clients on an ongoing basis to drive ROI through digital and data-driven marketing, and go into detail on these techniques in my 6-Week Marketing Accelerator Coaching.



Maximizing the value of branded events, from experiential, to conferences, to workshops. I partner with companies, non-profits and retail stores to create experience-driven events that drive customers, engagement and revenue.