Evans & Co., Inc.

Evans & Co., Inc., is a Women-Owned Small Business based in Washington, D.C.

We are data-driven & creative problem solvers who are moved to build meaningful transformation by providing best-in-class consulting services.  We specialize in integrated marketing, digital strategy, brand development, content strategy, strategic communications, social media, business consulting, learning & development systems, and hands-on training program development.

Our primary NAICS codes are :

541613 - Marketing Consulting Services

611430 - Professional and Management Development Training

Core Expertise Includes:

Brand Development: Our brand strategists are skilled at developing and re-launching brands, driven by data and customer insights. We create brand standards, positioning, competitive landscapes, in-depth GAP analysis, mission, visions, and more. We then take the next step of creating storytelling strategies, ecosystems and distribution plans that drive audience engagement.  

Digital Strategy: Experienced at creating, deploying, auditing and optimizing digital ecosystems and campaigns, driven by data and customer insights. We both create digital strategies from scratch, as well as optimize current digital ecosystems through macro and micro level digital analysis. We create the strategy and distribution plans for best-in-class digital-first content that drives meaningful value.

Learning & Development: Our team of learning strategists have created and evaluated EO programs, courses, standards, and solutions for clients that fuel innovation, maximize performance and develop leadership and resiliency.

Social Marketing: Our experts have lead social marketing strategy and execution for Fortune 500 brands and small businesses alike. They deeply understand the shifting social landscape and create out-of-the-box, impactful solutions for clients that drive ROI through distribution of meaningful content to targeted audiences.

Strategic Communications: Experts at concepting and launching influential communications campaigns and messaging that meet brand and business KPIs, including awareness, engagement, conversion, and revenue goals.

Data-Driven Innovation: We merge a deeply analytical approach with our skills in marketing innovation to deliver impactful, actionable insights centered on the needs and behaviors of your customers .

Organizational Design & Management: Strategic, data-driven planning services to help create adept, agile organizations and teams. Consulting services to drive operational efficiencies, adapt to cultural shifts, and amplify internal engagement.